Preventing a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan: What Needs to Happen?

Chinese Invasion

What are the chances that China will never invade Taiwan? What must occur to prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan? In my opinion, perhaps the only thing that could prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is a civil revolution in China that overthrows the government. The likelihood of such a revolution occurring in Iran is […]

TSMC Factory Reduction: Is There More Than Meets the Eye?

It’s always your job as an analyst to raise a reasonable question before assuming something is true, but is this the right thing??? 1. The decline in the shares of the firms named has been ongoing for months. 2. There has been inflation for a while. 3. The market’s general slowdown, which has been going […]

TSMC Faces Slowdown in Orders from Customers Due to Economic Slowdown

TSMC’s Response and Long-Term Outlook Amidst Reduced Orders and Economic Challenges   Large semiconductor companies, including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, have reduced their orders with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) due to the economic slowdown. TSMC, the world’s leading contract chip manufacturer, had been resilient in the high-tech market but started to experience a decline […]

USD/JPY Faces Uncertainty Amid Debt Ceiling Concerns and Diverging Monetary Policies


The USD/JPY has had a slow start to the day. Investors shouldn’t focus their attention on any significant economic statistics coming out of Japan this morning. Due to a paucity of statistics, the debt ceiling issue and market perception of monetary policy divergences are taking the lead. On Tuesday, private sector PMIs from Japan and […]

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