The Mind Behind MasterMind

My name is Udi Jacoby. I’m 39 years old, a financial analyst and lecturer, holding certification for investment consulting from the Israeli Securities Authority.

I have been involved in the financial market for over 15 years, from trading rooms and working with hedge funds to providing investment advice to individuals and institutions.

Before I started teaching at the largest college in Israel for studying the financial market, I worked for over two years at major financial firms in London. There, I learned advanced practices and techniques that helped me understand the markets on a deep level. Thanks to the extensive knowledge I gained overseas, I successfully passed the qualification exams to manage a trading room at the Canadian firm DTTW.

During my time there, I was exposed to unique technical knowledge reserved for professional traders. Today, I pass on that knowledge to my students because knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge is empowerment.

Every opportunity I have, in every few spare minutes, I read, learn, and immerse myself in this fascinating field. Whether it’s through books, advanced courses, or conversations with experts over a cup of coffee.

The field of investments sparked my curiosity, and the more I delved into it and enriched my knowledge, the understanding developed within me that I found the golden triangle that every person should aspire to: something to excel in, something you love doing, and something that brings you financial success.

I invite you to join me and take another step towards building a better economic future.

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