Stocks to Watch in Emerging Markets

The age of technology and information allows anyone, anywhere in the world to trade independently in the financial markets around the world.

Trading is a fascinating, challenging and above all practical way to fulfill the dream of financial independence and improving the standard of living.

However, it is important to understand that trading is not a simple task. Success in the field requires prior knowledge which can be acquired through appropriate study.

But more important is adequate professional training, guidance and accompaniment in the trader’s first steps in the financial market

Stock Trading Course:
A comprehensive, professional and practical course which we will teach you how to trade in the stock

During the course we will expand and deepen our knowledge in the field of technical analysis,
we will get to know the major players in the markets and understand how they operate.

We will learn to understand the stocks behavior by analyzing the price movements in the different time frames.

This will help us identify and focus only on the best trades and significantly increase our chances of success for
each and every trade.

The Course’s Goal:
The course will provide you the knowledge and practical tools for success in trading stocks for
short\medium periods of time.

At the End of the Course:
• You will know how to analyze the stock market with a systemic view.
• You will understand how the smart money works.
• You will know how to search and find the best stocks to trade.
• You will know how to focus on the winning trades.
• You will know how to analyze the stock trends in comparison to market trends.
• You will know how to wisely time the entry and exit prices.
• You will know how to manage trades in a smart way and maximize profitability.
• You will learn to manage risks and create a positive expectation over time.
• You will learn to develop mental toughness as part of a trader’s development process.

Target Audience:
• Beginner traders who wish to learn to trade independently in stock markets.
• Experienced traders who wish to enrich their knowledge in the field of stock trading.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 21 Hours


Course Instructor

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