Could the Silver Price Hit $100 per Ounce?


The silver market has always intrigued investors with its potential for high returns, and recent discussions have fueled speculation about its future. Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver, has been a prominent voice predicting that silver could reach the $100 per ounce mark, or even higher. But what factors could drive Silver to these […]

Orange Juice Crisis Prompts Search for Alternative Fruits

Orange Juice

In a remarkable turn of events, the global orange juice industry is grappling with an unprecedented crisis. Bad weather and disease in Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of oranges, have driven orange juice futures prices to record highs. This has prompted manufacturers to explore alternative fruits, such as mandarins, to produce the popular beverage. Record […]

“Copper prices could skyrocket to $40,000,” according to top trader Andurand.


Copper prices may potentially rise to $40,000 per tonne in the next few years, as predicted by hedge fund manager Pierre Andurand in an interview with the Financial Times. The metal has surged by almost 20% this year, reaching a record $11,000 per tonne ($5.00/lb) this week. Drivers of Demand Andurand explained, “We are moving […]

China’s Gold Rush: A Surge in Demand Reshapes Global Markets


From Retail Buyers to the Central Bank, China’s Influence Drives Record Gold Prices China’s vibrant gold buying has driven prices to unprecedented highs, surpassing $2,400 per ounce. Amid global uncertainties like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Gaza Strip conflict, Chinese investors have turned to gold as traditional investments like real estate and stocks falter. […]

Platinum Poised for Widest Supply Gap in a Decade: Johnson Matthey Report


A new report by Johnson Matthey, a preeminent authority in precious metals, forecasts the platinum market experiencing its most significant supply shortfall in ten years. This projection comes despite anticipated declines in light-duty vehicle production. The report highlights a potential deficit exceeding 600,000 ounces, driven by sustained demand across various sectors. This shortfall persists even […]

Copper Market in Flux: Bullish Thesis Tested as Prices Reach New Heights


The copper market currently finds itself at a crossroads. Recent price surges, reaching a 22-month high near $10,000 per ton, have ignited a debate amongst industry experts regarding the underlying sustainability of this rally. Architects of the bullish narrative, such as Goldman Sachs’ Nick Snowdon, foresee this as the nascent stages of a long-anticipated bull […]

Corn Market Navigates Uncertainty: Acreage Decline Countered by Yield and Carryover Concerns


The corn market is currently navigating a complex web of factors as the planting season progresses. A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report indicating a 5% year-over-year decrease in planted corn acreage initially triggered a bullish market reaction. However, underlying concerns regarding yield potential and carryover stock are injecting a note of caution. Acreage […]

Perfect Storm: Geopolitical Tensions and Adverse Weather Threaten Global Wheat Security


The global wheat market is currently navigating a confluence of adverse events, posing a significant threat to global food security and stability. Recent developments in Russia, coupled with unfavorable weather conditions in Europe, have cast a long shadow over global wheat production and trade. Russia’s Retaliatory Measures and Potential Market Disruption The Russian government’s seizure […]

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